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"a love of, or taste for artistic objects."
Gene Lewis is a Los Angeles based photographer. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but raised in Los Angeles, CA.He grew up in Gardena, CA until 1990. Later moving to Torrance, he got theshutterbug from a friend who was a college photojournalist major in 1993.
With no classes or formal training Gene taught himselfphotography from watching, reading books, commentaries on techniques and style.And a great deal of trial and error. Since then Gene has shot weddings, partiesand other events from 1996 to 2002. In addition to all this, Gene has had theopportunity to learn photographic post-production experience at stockphotography agency, PhotoEdit Inc. Worked in Getty Images sports/editorial departmentand inspect quality of wedding books at Pictage in Torrance, CA.
Gene went digital on 2006 then started the pursuit of goingfreelance. Gene has worked for different non profits, a film company andorganizations and been published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal and otheronline media. Gene also serves as a staff photographer for the Indian FilmFestival of Los Angeles. Gene fancies himself as an Event/EditorialPhotographer with a journalistic approach. But he enjoys shooting Lifestyle andModeling. When Gene receives different projects, he continues to developtechniques and style every step of the way. For every assignment he receives,it brings the opportunity to capture those special photographs that defines theevent or moment as it happens.
This is Gene's mission…..this is Virtu Imagery.
"Gene has photographed numerous events for us - forboth the Indian Film Festival of LA (IFFLA) and the Association of Media andEntertainment Counsel (AMEC). His work is consistent and professional. Whatimpresses me most about Gene is his promptness and reliability. He alwaysarrives with plenty of time to spare, and his follow-up after an event isfantastic, which was especially helpful when we needed to post and distributephotos immediately after an event. He delivers high quality, professionalphotography, even on short notice!"
Emily Coppel
“Whether at a large event, private reception, or on a filmset, Gene captures key moments beautifully through his photography. His keeneye and attention to detail have yielded gorgeous images time and again. Overthe years Gene has always proven to be reliable, non-intrusive while achievingexceptional results, and passionate about his work.” November 16, 2010
Surekha Paruchuri, Marketing/Publicity
“Gene has been working as a photographer for the Indian FilmFestival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) for over 3 years and we are extremely happywith his work. In fact, we have referred him to board members, staff and donorsand they have all been hiring him for their events. Recently, he did stillphotography for one of our team member's short film and they loved him. I wouldrecommend him without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a photographer.”October 18, 2010
Christina Marouda, Film Festival Founder, EntertainmentIndustry Consultant, Development Executive
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